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Suggested Readings

  • Get your loved ones sober: alternatives to nagging, pleading and threatening. Robert Meyers and Brenda Wolfe

  • The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober: Discovering a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Alcohol-free Life, Catherine Grey

  • Stopping Anxiety Medication. Michael Otto and Mark Pollack.

  • Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking. Allen Carr.

  • The Addiction Recovery Skills Workbook, Glasner-Edwards et al.

  • Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention: Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Addictive Behaviors: A Clinician's Guide, Neha Chawla and Sarah Bowen

  • Unhooked: How to Quit Anything, Susan Shapiro and Frederick Woolverton


  • The Body Keeps the Score. brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma. Bessel van den Kolk
  • Looking Through the Eyes of Trauma and Dissociation, Sandra Paulsen​
  • The Mindful Way Workbook. John Teasdale, Mark Williams and Zindel Segal.

  • Mind over Mood: Change How You Feel by Changing the Way You Think. Dennis Greenberger and Christine Padesky.


  • Mastery of Your Anxiety and Worry. Michelle Craske, David Barlow.

  • Stopping Anxiety Medication. Michael Otto and Mark Pollack.

  • Dance of Anger, Harriet Lerner


  • One Breath at a Time. Buddhism and the Twelve Steps. Kevin Griffin.

  • Thoughts without a Thinker. Mark Epstein.

  • The Mindful Way Workbook. John Teasdale, Mark Williams and Zindel Segal

General Psychotherapy

  • Introduction to the Internal Family Systems Model. Richard Schwartz.

  • Maybe You Should Talk to Someone. Lori Gottlieb.

  • Food Junkies, Vera Tarman

  • The Gravity of Weight: A Clinical Guide to Weight Loss and Maintenance. Sylvia Karasu and Byram Karasu.

  • Cookie Rosenblum website/podcast/book.

  • Overcoming Binge Eating. Christopher Fairburn.

  • Brain over Binge Recovery Guide. Kathryn Hansen.

  • Binge No More: Your Guide to Overcoming Disordered Eating -  Joyce D. Nash

  • The Body Image Workbook - Thomas F. Cash 

  • The Learn Program for Weight Management – KD Brownell

  • The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Weight Management: A Step-by-Step Program Laliberte, McCabe, & Taylor

  • Food Addiction, Obesity, and Disorders of Overeating, Claire Wilcox, Springer, 2021

  • The Second Mountain. David Brooks.

  • Man's Search for Meaning. Viktor Frankel.

   Treatment Resources

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